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    Time series chart for monthly time line comparison

    Bakul Ranawat

      I need to plot number of project started and, project completed comparison in a line chart for every month [And may be if possible number of open project for that month].


      Below is the sample data.



      Project IdProject NameStart dateEnd date
      1Project 13/5/20174/5/2017
      2Project 24/2/20174/25/2017
      3Project 34/22/20175/15/2017
      4Project 45/2/20175/21/2017
      5Project 55/20/20175/30/2017


      So number of project started in month of march were 1 and in month of April were 2 and month of May were 2.

      Similarly number of project completed in month of march were 0 and in month of April were 2 and month of May were 3.

      And optionally, if it can be plot in same graph, the number of open projects for that month in the above example in month of march there was 1 open project (1), in month of Apr there were 3 open project (1,2,3) and in month of may 3 open projects (3,4,5)


      Expected graph.


      Expected graph.png