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    Governance dashboard - count of user logins

    Prashanthi Janakiraman

      How do i get details on count of user logins from the fields available in governance dashboard. I need a table in the below format


      User Name, Login Date, Application Name, Number of Logins.


      I used Authenticated_User, SessionDate, DocName and count(Authenticated_User) in a table, but did not get the expected results.


      Is there any other way to get calculate this from governance dashboard?



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          Peter Cammaert

          If authentication is being done using Windows (AD or machine domain) then this is pretty difficult... Except for custom directories, QlikView really doesn't do "logins".

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              Prashanthi Janakiraman

              Oh, thank you for your reply. Authentication is being done using AD.


              If not login count per se, is there any other workaround to arrive at an approximate value of user usage in terms of sessions? based on counting the number of times a session CAL was being used for a particular User ID or the number of times a session ended (which again will give the number of times the user initiated a session, for it to end)

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  If I understand you correctly, what you want is readily available on the Governance Dashboard sheet Sessions & Usage. Switch the Usage Detail object to Drill View and observe columns Doc, User & Sessions. Sessions gives a count of all Doc+User sessions (aka "logins") within the selected timeframe.

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                      Prashanthi Janakiraman

                      Can you please help to explain how this session is calculated?

                      What does the number under sessions column in the Drill View table indicate - is the the number of sessions or duration of session in mins?


                      I just tried the below steps to test and understand how it works:

                      1) Checked the current value displayed in Drill View table, filtered for today's date:


                      AUser 11
                      User 24
                      BUser 11


                      2) I now logged in as User 2 and accessed Doc B on access point for few minutes.

                      3) I refreshed Governance Dashboard after this in order to check if there is a new entry in the table under Doc B, for User 2, since User 2 accessed Doc B.

                      4) However, there was no entry for User 2 under Doc B. ALSO, the existing numbers changed as below even though there are no other users currently accessing the dashboards in this environment except me.



                      User 26


                      5) I refreshed the dashboard again, without accessing any dashboard in the interim and noticed an increase in the number again, even though there are no other user accessing dashboards in this environment.



                      User 210


                      So, I am looking for an explanation to understand how to interpret the number under Sessions column and how is it calculated?

                      Also, why is there no new record in Governance Dashboard drill view table for Doc B - User 2 combo, after refreshing?


                      Or could there be some issue with the configuration of Governance Dashboard for such a behavior?



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                          Peter Cammaert

                          There is no big complex story behind the Governance Dashboard (thanks to Tyler & Co who managed to apply the KISS principle to an otherwise daunting challenge of presenting a data mess to a wide audience in a clean & intelligent way).


                          What is shown in the different objects of the Governance Dashboard comes straight out of the different Server/Publisher log files (any number of them). If it's in the logs, it will show up in the Governance Dashboard.


                          Instead of comparing your actions to the Usage Details object, compare the results to what is listed in the Sessions logs of your QlikView Server.

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                            Tyler Waterfall



                            First, there is a bug with 2.0.1 (and 2.0.2 I believe) Governance Dashboard in which reloading the app multiple times within a day can cause duplication of counts – like session counts. So please be sure to use the latest version (attaching 2.0.3).


                            There is no magic in the Session count. It counts the entries in the Sessions log.

                            You will not see your session until your session is closed, which is not always immediately after you close the browser you used to access the published QlikView app. (There is a minimum session time that must complete, something like 15 or 30 minutes).

                            So, close your session (close browsers where you had QlikView open), wait for 15 or 30 minutes, reload the Governance Dashboard and check the numbers.

                            It is helpful to keep in mind that Governance Dashboard is not intended to be anything near "real-time".

                            Hope this helps.