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    NPrinting 17 with Qlik Sense: Question about filters

    Henk Leppers



      I am facing the following issue:


      I have a number of users, and each user needs to receive a report based on a certain filter.




      USER1:  Filter: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

      USER2:  Filter: Sweden, Germany, Spain

      USER3:  Filter: Belgium, Spain


      Now I can assign the appropiate filter to a user, add the users to a group, and add the group as a receiver of the report. But that would give a report with a filter of Netherlands AND Belgium AND Germany for USER1. I want a seperate report for each country!


      I am using Excel as output: If put a page level on that report, I can get each country in a different worksheet: that works fine but unfortunately my customer doesn't want that: the requirement is one Excel per user/ country.


      So how can I forfill my requirement: 1 Excel sheet per user/country?