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    Auto refresh scheduling in Qlik Sense Cloud

    Vishal Goyal

      Dear Experts,


      Power BI allows to schedule auto refresh of data so that business will always have access to most recent information.

      Is a similar functionality available OOB in Qlik Sense Cloud ?

      Or does it need integration with Nprinting to enable this ?


      Also, is there a functionality available to notify certain people whenever my KPI is above or below a threshold value ?

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Vishal,


          Yes Qlik Sense Cloud Business has this - you can learn more here:


          Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Orientation


          I talk about at the Qlik Sense Cloud Business - Orientation Overview - YouTube - 10m 59s mark in the video.


          NPrinting - has nothing to do with scheduling a refresh of data in a Qlik Sense app - NPrinting is for creating operational and pixel perfect-type reports using content in a Qlik Sense app. Qlik Sense Enterprise - has its own scheduling interface to refresh data with more intervals and triggers. Qlik Sense Cloud Business - has a subset of these schedules since it is on a shared hosted cloud.


          In regards to funtionality - this can be done in a visual indicator on the dashboard chart object - using a rule that meets your criteria. If you mean an actual "alert" - there are extensions that can do this, but alerting is not out of the box with Qlik Sense. Here is an extension that sends email alerts based on a data condition: Qlik Branch




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