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    Publish task NOT generating report with latest data

    Rakesh P



      I am using NPrinting 17.3

      I have defined a publish task which is generating the report as per the scheduled time defined in the task, however the report send through email by the publish task is not having the latest data. The report is published with the data that was generated after Regenerating the Metadata last time. Do I need to Reload metadata every time before publishing the report. Same behavior is observed when i manually use Edit Template and click on the Preview.




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          Wouter Mak

          If you are using a QVW that is reloaded via the QMC, you have to use the server, (qvp) connection in NPrinting.

          You will have some problems with mixed old and new data together if you use the local connection. I had the same problem.

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              Lech Miszkiewicz

              agree with Wouter! USE QVP!


              Also upgrade to 17.3.1





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