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    NPrinting 17.3 Page features in PowerPoint template

    Pablo Aurelio Gómez Dipré

      Hi everybody,

      Im created a report using the PowerPoint Template in NPrinting 17.3 about info of different hotels inside a chain. When I use the Page feature I can get with no problem my report with info of each hotel per page inside that chain (the report comes back with 7 pages which is correct). Now my question is It is possible to add another Page value and have in the first page the info of the whole Chain and the rest of the pages the info of each hotel? Any help?



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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Yes It is possible.


          Just create another slide in your PPT template. You will have then 2 identical slides, but to the second one you will apply PAGE node.


          Page settings is applied to your PPT slides as per page configuration (look at the screenshots you have attached (left bottom section - there "Slides" option available where you can put number of slides affected by your PAGE'ing node) This can be a single slide (then you have to put number there) or list of slides (for example 1,3,4) or range of slides (for example 2-6).


          Now your case:


          So your first slide will  be a "TOTAL" view and will not be affected (i guess that is what you want..)

          Then second slide - in your Page setting you would put 2 in SLIDES property in order to split this slide into each HOTEL DETAIL information





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