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    Bundle Load Images from a Filepath

    Jeffrey Wu

      This post builds on Chuck Bannon's Loading Images into QlikView post.


      This is a great resource to be able to easily leverage images in your QlikView development.


      What we've found is that in doing this, you have to then maintain an excel file that keeps your images and your image filepaths in sync. If a file folder moves or an image name changes, the image reference will break.


      Instead, what you can do is leverage a little bit of QlikView scripting to read every file of a specific type in a directory and load that into a table to be used.

      Temp Test.png

      // Start by generating this inline table of the filetypes you're looking to grab from the filepath.


      Load * Inline









      // Here you can set the filepath where your images are stored.

      Set vFilePath = 'Images\';



      // Here we go...


      Load * Inline


      Imgname, Imgfilepath, Imgtype




      Let vNumRows = NoOfRows('Imgtype');



      For i=1 to $(vNumRows)


        Let vImgtype = FieldValue('Imgtype',$(i));


        For each vFile in FileList('$(vFilePath)*.$(vImgtype)')

        let vImgtype = '$(vImgtype)';

        let vImgfilepath = '$(vFile)';

        let vImgname = Left(Right('$(vFile)',len('$(vFile)')-Index('$(vFile)','\',-1)),len(Right('$(vFile)',len('$(vFile)')-Index('$(vFile)','\',-1)))-4);


        Load * Inline


        Imgname, Imgfilepath, Imgtype

        $(vImgname),$(vImgfilepath), $(vImgtype)





        let vFile = Null();

        let vImgName = Null();






      let vImgtype = Null();



      Drop Table Imgtype;







      Resident Images;