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    Sorting a bar chart by two criteria in Sense

    Godfrey Daniels

      In the below image, I want to sort so that Nation is first, A is second, then A1 thru A4 by descending value.  In the settings it looks as though this is possible, but it is not working.  I've created a Sort column, where Nation is 1, A is 2, and the others are 3.  I made the dimension the primary sort column, checked 'by Expression,' and entered, '=Max(Sort).'  Then I checked to sort by value, descending.  (I also tried with the dimension by expression only, and the measure by descending value.)




      When I choose to sort only by the 'Sort' column OR descending value, each works correctly.  When I try to combine them, A1-A4 seem to display by load order.  How can I achieve the desired result?  The app is attached.