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    Traffic Guage?

    Nicholas B

      Hi All,


      I want to show traffic gauge in the straight table? But with only one light. It can be achieved with image load but I do want to use images.


      Please find attached which shows the requirement and please help.



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          P M

          PFA ....



          This is your requirement


          "I want to show the guage colors as red when its above 70 and green if its between 50 and 60 and green if its 50 and below?"


          But i am not able get why you want green color for two condition .




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            Avinash R

            Check the attachment for the solution

            Using 'Single Light' selection in Gauge Properties/Presentation/Indicator/Mode gives you a single light

            Tick off Autowidth Segments and create a green segement with lower bound 0, a red segment with lower bound 70 (or use your target value)