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    issue in applying customized color to bargraph through color expression

    Supriya R



      i am trying to apply customized color throught color expression



      Diemnsion 2 : if((Match(answer_text,'Strongly Agree','Excellent')),'Strongly Agree',if(Match(answer_text,'Agree','Above Average'),'Agree'))

      Expression: count(distinct{<question_id={'Q1','Q2'}>} lender_offer_id)/count(distinct {<question_id={'Q1','Q2'}>} total lender_offer_id)


      color expression:

      If(question_id = 'Q1', if(answer_text = 'Strongly Agree', lightblue(),LightMagenta()),

      If(question_id = 'Q2', if(answer_text = 'Strongly Agree',  LightGreen(),LightRed())))


      Here everything looks good to me. But i am not able to chage color of Strongly Agree option of Q1. It remains whole color with megenta.


      Please help me on this.