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    Qlik Sense mashup table background color by expression

    Christopher Vysocky

      I have table in Qlik Sense mashup, I want to set background-color cells where the content is "Y". (I have "Delay" column, wich is boolean Y/N or sometimes empty).

      I know it's easy with default table extension, but it isn't good for me, because I want to disable all interactions, and can't hide the little search icon at table-header, which looks awkward if you can't interact. (if you know how can I configure,hide the icon and other attributes of default table extension it's a good option too)

      So I'm working with custom table widget. I've tried these codes in JS, but it doesn't work


      $("#tableID tr:contains('Y')").css("background-color", "red");

      Without jQuery "contains()" it works properly but it sets the whole table's background-color.

      Thanks in advance !