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    Direct Discovery - Qlik Sense

    Naresh Guntur



      I am using Direct Discovery in Qlik Sense. Direct Discovery doesn't seem to release the connections when they are not in use.


      I have 4 objects in my dashboard. When I make a selection, all the objects gets refreshed using Direct Discovery. When multiple users are accessing the dashboard, the user connections keep increasing and even if a user is not using the dashboard, it is not releasing the connections. And when it goes beyond 10, it throws an error "The Direct Discovery expression failed. There can be various causes, such as communication error, or if the data load script contains a query that is no longer valid". And even the reload fails saying "User has exceeded the 'max_user_connections' resource".


      Have anyone faced similar issue? Removing the connection limit doesn't seem to be a fair idea.



      Best Regards