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    Last Closing Balance SUM Required

    zahid Rahim

      Dear Experts,


      I have a table with date and segment wise balances.


      Now I want to get total of all balances for the segment's last balance at any month closing.


      For Example:

      Date              Segment          Balance

      01-JAN-2017    A                     10

      02-JAN-2017    A                      11

      10-JAN-2017    A                       12

      31-JAN-2017    A                        13

      15-JAN-2017    B                         20

      31-JAN-2017    B                         25


      Now I want to get JAN Balances

      A= 13 (As it is last closing balance)

      B = 25 (As it is last closing balance)


      For total Jan Balance It should be 13=25=38




      Zahid Rahim