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    /QTQVC/FETCH_STREAM failed after 00:00:00 Key = RFC_INVALID_HANDLE (An invalid handle was passed to the API call)

    Girish Talele

      Dear Experts,


      We are facing below problem -

      We have scheduled the execution of QVWs using batch files which runs in background.


      Some times it is observed that data fetching from SAP is getting terminated. If we run the QVW again (in foreground / background) the data getting fetched properly. The connection between QlikView & SAP Server is also intact (no drops in the link).


      QvSAPSQLConnector Log File is attached herewith.

      When we checked in SAP, the Job Starting time & termination time is same. It means immediately after starting the job, it is getting terminated.


      Can you please suggest the possible reasons of this error?


      Thanks in Advance,