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    y/y comparison of sales of current/previous collections (in Fashion)

    Глеб Аитов



      I am in fashion and I am trying to build an app with analysis of performance of different COLLECTIONS year to year.


      Currently I have sales split by dimension called COLLECTION.

      It look like the following:

      SS17 means SummerSpring 2017

      FW17-18 means FallWinter 2017-2018

      ALL means carryover apparel (does not belong to any season)


      In order to analyze sales, I have to compare the collections in pairs. For example, SS17 sales for 2017 is compared to SS16 in 2016.


      What i need:

      Once YEAR is chosen, the chart shows the sales of the current collection for the chosen year and compares it to sales of the previous collection one year ago. For example, when 2017 is chosen, the "SS performance chart" should show the SS17 sales in 2017 vs SS16 sales in 2016.


      I am able to compare year to year using {PY calendar}, but i can' figure it out how to tell Qlik to show SS16 in Previous Year, and not SS17.


      I feel the solution is quite simple.  One possible way is to:

      1. Create flags for each collection, for each year:

      CS - current summer

      CW - current winter

      CA - current allseason

      CR - current other (not CS,CW and CA, basically, all other previous seasons sold in current year)

      from PS to PR - same as above, but previous year collections



      2. Place two measures on a graph:

      Measure1: SUM ( {< CS=1 >} Sales)

      Measure2: SUM ( {< PS=1 >} Sales)

      (in this example, summer collection sales are compared)


      My questions:

      1. Is there a less complicated solution to this?

      2. If you feel my solution is ok, can anybody help me with the load script, so for each possible combination of year and collection, the above table is created? (unfortunately I am not a programmer)



      Many thanks!