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    Can a variable be formatted as a number?

    Justin Taylor

      I have a field in my Master Calendar called Month Sequence.

      (,AutoNumber( year(TempDate)&month(TempDate)) as MonthSequence)

      It is generated as a number field.


      In a KPI, Max(MonthSequence)   show 142  which is correct.

      Also in a KPI   Max(MonthSequence)-12   shows 130      I can perform calculations on that number.


      I’ve defined the variable $(vMaxMonSeq) as Max(MonthSequence)    adding the variable to a KPI shows a value of  142

      But, I can’t do any calculations with it.

      I've tried setting it up as a number with num(), num#(), and with num(num# (Max(MonthSequence)))

      I can change the variable definition to Max(MonthSequcne)-12   and it will show correctly.


      Do all variables come in as text?   What are my options?

      Nothing seems to work. 


      Thank you