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    Horizontal Listbox Frequency invisible

    Christopher Vysocky

      In Horizontal Listbox (you can find the extension in Documents/Qlik/Examples folder by default) I want to show frequencies of the unselected items too. If I select at least 1 item from the listbox only the selected item's frequencies will be shown, all of the others are becoming invisible.

      This way I could use horizontal listbox with some CSS config as hybrid "KPI-button".


      Thanks in advance

        • Re: Horizontal Listbox Frequency invisible
          Bill Markham

          What you are describing is in essence how the Qlik Associative model works.


          When you select select one of the dimensions then the count of the other dimensions will by definition not be a number as there are no values available to count and this extension displays it as blank.


          If in the extension's file com-qliktech-horizlist.js at line 243 you change the script to


          layout.qListObject.qDataPages[0].qMatrix.forEach( function ( row ) {

            html += '<li ' + style + ' class="data state' + row[0].qState + '" data-value="' + row[0].qElemNumber + '">' + row[0].qText;

            // if ( row[0].qFrequency ) {

              html += '<span>' + Number(row[0].qFrequency || 0 ) +  '</span>';

              console.log('row[0].qFrequency' , row[0].qFrequency ) ;

            // }

          } );

          Then it will display the blanks as zero.