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    Reducing data for ADMIN ACCESS

    Sanchayan Bhowmik

      In section access, how can I reduce data in such a way that account with ADMIN access will also view reduced data (some fields will be restricted to ADMIN access) ?


      Whether data reduction is possible for ADMIN access? If possible then how shall I write that section access script?


      Does OMIT field omit a field only for USER view or for ADMIN view as well?




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          Sanchayan Bhowmik

          Can I get any help regarding this... need this information quickly.

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            Peter Cammaert

            Are you targeting document acces through the AccessPoint? Then data reduction for ADMIN works just the same as for USER. Moreover ACCESS=ADMIN doesn't do anything different from ACCESS=USER. Everyone is a USER in the AccessPoint and ADMIN.is non-exstent as a separate more powerul role.


            In QV Desktop however, things are a bit different. ADMIN is now considered to be as powerful as a developer. Not good for granting acces to users with restricted access but less restricted than others. ADMIN will get the full works anyway, either by getting it from the start, or by gaining the ability to disable any securty switch you may have enabled. Except for access to the hidden script. That's reserved for those who know the Hidden script password.