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    QMC setup in cluster environment

    Punit Popli

      Hi All,

      Came across a different setup where there were 2 servers (A and B) which is used for reload purpose, out of which one is active (A) and other is passive (B).


      QMC of both the servers was shared i.e. the both are pointing to the common Config file placed at shared location, but the other services i.e. web server, qlikview server, distribution service and directory service are not added as a part of cluster.

      When services on server A are stopped and started all of them on server B, the services are still pointing to A hence in QMC on server B was showing "All services were down"


      According to my understanding the server license should contain No_of ClusterNodes=2 property and post that one should add the other services as a part of cluster.

      if I go with No_of ClusterNodes=2 then :

      Que : But when we shut one of the server(i.e. passive one) the QMC will show only 2 out of 1 running and will this have any impact in terms of performance?

      Que : If No_of ClusterNodes=2, then the QMC can be shared?