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    Getcurrentfield in TOTAL expression

    Dafnis X


      My bar chart has 2 dimensions:

      1.periods - cyclic selection

      2. metric code (1-4)


      1.bar - order quantity

      2.text - average duration of all segments for the current period (e.g., date)


      I need to display an average for each column, according to a selected cyclic dimension.

      But the following expression doesn't work, as all the values are the same.


      sum(TOTAL <$(='[' & GetCurrentField([Cyc_SaleOrd_Periods]) & ']')> Order_OpenTarget_TimeDiff)

      /count(TOTAL <$(='[' & GetCurrentField([Cyc_SaleOrd_Periods]) & ']')>  DISTINCT  SaleOrder_ID)


      Would appreciate another way to display it...






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