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    Freezing data month wise for a bar chart

    Divya anand

      Hi all,


      I am in an unusual situation, I hope someone can help me on this.

      I have an application where I have a bar chart, and there could be situations where the data could change with time.

      For example, when I check the data in March we will have this: Jan=10, Feb=22, Mar=3

      and when I check for the same data in April: Jan=12, Feb=24, Mar=9

      So this data is changing based on the inputs made by the people. I am looking for a solution where I can freeze this data end of every month. That is, it should show Jan=10, Feb=22, Mar=3 irrespective of the changes made in the following months.

      I understand QlikView pulls the data as it is from the source, but if anybody knows a solution to hold this data still as on the last day of the respective months, would be really great!


      Thank you.


      Let me know in case you need more information on this.