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    Qlik Sense - InfoProvider Connection String Syntax - ConvRoutine=1

    Matt Vasey

      Hi All,


      I am trying to bring back data from BW without Alpha conversion using the SAP Infoprovider connection, in the manual it mentions to add ConvRoutine=1


      Connection string properties

      There are a number of properties that can be added to the connection string, if needed. Normally, the default values for these properties are sufficient. The following can be added as advanced properties in the connection dialog:


      ConvRoutine   0/1 (default/off = 0, on = 1)

      Indicates that output conversion routines are used. This is commonly used for fields like Material Number (MATNR).


      Im new to Qlik Sense What is the valid syntax to add the properties to the connection dialog, the below doesnt seem to work when testing.


      LIB CONNECT TO 'SapInfoProvider_TESTPOINTS (dlcc_qlik)';ConvRoutine=1;



      Any help much appreciated.