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    Qlik Cloud REST API - scheduling ISSUES

    Igor Balazovic

      I have a subscription Qlick Cloud  for Busines. I use a REST api to get data from MySQL data sources. If I run a loading script from application  Load Data - the data is transferred  correctly and its take like a 3 min.  However if I   schedule application ( schedule and publish data).  the data is not transferred but info regarding application run is Success.


      Someone have any idea where can be a problem(s) ?

        • Re: Qlik Cloud REST API - scheduling ISSUES
          Lucke Hallbergson

          Hi Igor,

          If You open the app in the workspace and run the script the unpublished app residing in the workspace gets updated. This is straightforward.


          OTOH, if You have published the app behind the scenes a copy of the app has been made and put in the stream.
          The scheduled refresh happens in the version of the app that is copied to the stream and not in the version still in the workspace.