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    Direct Query with Impala Db

    Sampada Bhumralkar

      Hi All,


      I am trying to use direct query with Impala ODBC.

      I have connected to the db, and using the following Syntax:









      FROM IMPALA.db.TableA


      I have also SET DirectUnicodeStrings=TRUE;


      But the above query is not getting executed.

      I am getting this error:

      [Cloudera][ImpalaODBC] (110) Error while executing a query in Impala: [HY000] : AnalysisException: all DISTINCT aggregate functions need to have the same set of parameters as COUNT(DISTINCT <filed-name>); deviating function: COUNT(DISTINCT <field-name>)


      Can anyone help me with this? Am I using the correct syntax?

        • Re: Direct Query with Impala Db
          Anil Samineni

          How is your function and script looks like. And That Measure consider as Data points only in Direct Discovery. And Can you share application sample with out connection string


          CUSTOM CONNECT TO *******;


          DIRECT QUERY








          FROM "public"."DDQ";


          SET DirectUnicodeStrings = TRUE;


          Note - For me this is working, Can you check from your end whether where you did mistake