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    Using a variable in on-demand function

    Wouter Mak


      I’m using nprinting 17.3.1. I created a Pixel perfect report and using a variable created in my QlikView Document.

      The variable is set to 1 after a reload. The user have the option to use two buttons, Show highest values, show last values.

      I linked a trigger to the textboxes to change the variable. Show the values will change from value (in the case 1 or 2, in a lather stage some more)

      I use the variable in my report. I just print the values.

      But the value in my variable doesn’t change? It is always the value 1 (the values after the reload).

      Is it possible to use a variable in an on-demand function? Or will the report call doesn’t care what the variable value is?

      I hope you can help me with this question.


        • Re: Using a variable in on-demand function
          Michael Rieskamp


          we have the same problem.

          In dependence of a variable vCurrency we want to change the result column from € to  £ values via a currency button. This works fine in QV. In NPrinting we have the result after the reload and nothing changes in the NPrinting report after clicking on the currency button. The variable value remains on the same value after reload.

          We use 17.3.

          Do we something wrong? When not will this problem be fixed in June or September 2017 version?

          Thanks for Information.