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    Deleting multiple objects using a macro

    Scott Wadeson



      I am trying to create a macro that deletes a list of Qlikview objects.


      I already have a variable, called vOriginalObjects2, which creates a list of objects to be deleted, but the below macro only seems to delete a large chunk of them. I feel like the error is at the point where i'm saying 'for each object' and this isn't actually looking at all the objects in the list?



      The variable vOriginalObjects2 contains a long list of objects such as:




      And the macro is:

      Sub DeleteOriginalObjects 

      set s=ActiveDocument.Sheets("Main")

      vArray = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vOrigObjects2").GetContent.String 

      chartArray =split(vArray, ",") 

      For each object in chartArray 



      End Sub 



      Does anyone know where I am going wrong?



      To provide a bit of context, the reason I am doing this is so I can easily find out which objects have been added to a qlikview document since the initial version. I have the list of objects from the initial version (vOriginalObjects2) and the plan is to delete all of these using the macro, then press ctrl+shift+s to see what is left.