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    QlikView QMC task fails with "General Script Error"

    Darius Pranskus

      Hi ALl


      We are reloading some document which is about 1.2GB size, and around 50M of rows using task in QMC.

      After the whole script is executed it fails with "General Script Error" If we reduce the size of the qvds, it runs successfully.

      No transformations are done in the script just loading and concatenating qvds into the presentation app.

      It looks like it is failing during the save phase. We checked all the permissions and file locking and also restarted services. Script runs successfully even with the full set of data if we run it through desktop.


      It seems that there is no useful info in logs.


      My suspicion is that it might take too long to save the file, and task fails because of the timeout.


      Is there any setting to increase the timeout? Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated.


      Thank you