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    Qlik Sense SAML - Certificates

    Mihai Hutanu

      Dear All,


      I need some help configuring Qlik Sense authentication integration with ECAS via SAML. I need to understand better how these certificates work. Kindly advise on the following:


      1. Where do I take the Cert Footprint to put it in the config of the Proxy to which the SAML Virtual Proxy is attached?


      Here is what I have done: Generated a self-signed certificate via QMC and sent it to the ECAS team. Online documentation is saying I should use the footprint of that certificate (if I got it right). Does this mean I have to import it on the server? Or if not, then what footprint am I looking at? Qlik Sense has certificates in different stores (Local Computer\Personal, Local Computer\Trusted Cert Authorities, User\Personal, User\Trusted Cert Authorities, etc). Besides that, the Proxy is on a RIM node. So do I take the Cert Footprint from this RIM Node or from the Central Node?


      2. I am using the latest Qlik Sense version - 3.2.4. I checked the certificates and they say the signature algorithm is SHA-256. But I found some online documentation of users having similar problems, and saying the issue is caused by self-signed certs being SHA-1. Did anything change in Qlik Sense and it now generates SHA-256 certs or am I missing something?

      Any help will be much appreciated!

      Kind regards,