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    delete users

    Sean Gordon



      I am in the need to delete a very large amount of users from NPrinting.

      Unfortunately I have to delete +-20 000 users but the console takes so long to just delete one user.


      Is there a faster way to delete ALL users from the console?




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          Sean Gordon

          I have solved this by myself.
          I added one line and selected the option to remove users not on Excel Import task. This leaves me with one user and can redo the whole user list.

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            Andy Weir

            Couple of ways to batch update/delete.


            From the front end in the user screen you can filter the users you want to delete, tick the check box to select all and then at the bottom of the screen choose action = delete and click go.  that approach will probably allow you to bach delete 100 at a time asuming you can easily filter.


            The other way would be to import users and remove the users you want to delete from the list all together just leaving the users you want active in the system.  On the import user task make sure you have


            Remove users if not present in import file ticked.  the risk is if you have a bunch of imports going on you will delete the other users from those imports unless you can group them all together into one master import list.