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    data base refreshing ?

    Kafil EL KHADIR

      i have a data base that is refreshing, that is to say that i need to save the data before losing it with the in-memory what i want is when the dates for example are changing i want to keep an historical of the informations so i can use them in dashbords of an evolution.. please i need help ?

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          omar bensalem

          suppose you have a table :



          load *

          from source;


          //you should store it in a QVD

          store table in ...path.qvd(qvd);


          once you've done this the first time; comment this and do as follow:


          // call the data within your qvd:



          load * from yourQvd;


          load * from source; //this now contains new data after refresh


          store table in path.qvd(qvd) //the same qvd file


          with that, everytime you do a reload; it will call the qvd (the ancient stored data before refresh) and add to it the new data of the table after the refresh, then store all of it in the same qvd to call again and again.


          this is incremental load using qvds; you should take a look at it;


          hope this helps

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            Kafil EL KHADIR





            Thanks i will try it come back to you if ther is a problem,