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    Why GetSelectedCount () changes the display ...?

    Rene Dimarco

      Hi everyone,


      I have a model on Qlick Sense that show the sales behavior of a specific category (Events), for a certain period of time. We currently have registers from sales for three years: 2015-2017.


      The objective was to show, by default, the 2017 results, as long as there wasn´t any year selected on  the "SalesYear" filter (AñoVenta in Spanish).


      Tha´ts why I decided to use the function GetSelectedCount() that returns the number of selections active on a filter. If this number is cero then there are no active selections, which then should trigger the default behavior of showing just 2017.


      The expression I used was:


      if (GetSelectedCount([AñoVenta])= 0,








      On the chart, however, all years are show in the dimension axis, with only the months of 2017 showing any values. The others are shown with values of 0:




      In contrast, this is the original expression:






      That shows this chart, which is the one I want:



      I would like to know why including that "if" changes the chart so much, and if there is a way to avoid that...


      This is how the screen looks with the filters:


      Captura de pantalla 2017-05-31 11.09.21.png


      Thanks a lot for any help you guys can provide...