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    Adding multiple colors to 1 line in a bar chart based on value

    Brent Smits

      Hello guys


      I am using Qlikview for a couple of days now and altough I understand most basic things, when it comes to formatting, it get's really hard.

      So what I want to do: I have a bar chart with multiple bars representing a percentage between 0 and 100%. At this moment, Qlikview just gives me the standard colors, for my case, 2016 is Blue and 2017 is Red for each country. But what I want to do is: the first 90% of every bar, should be red. If a bar has more than 90%, then the 90%-95% Should be yellow. Lastly, if there are bars more than 95%, the 95%-100% should be green. I have absolutly no idea how to get this done.


      Thanks in advance!!