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    Stacked Waterfall Chart --- w/ .QVW and example

    Brian Ferrell

      Hi Qlik Community!


      I have the following waterfall chart -- but I can't seem to solve the error below. I have my chart broken into two dimensions (Parts/Mods) and when using an offset expression, there is a gap between the two bars in the chart. The arrows specify the direction each "semi stack" should "move" to be located in the correct position.

      sales waterfall example.png

      Would really appreciate some help solving this problem! --- QVW and dataset attached.


      I tried to use logic similar to the following to solve..but it didn't work (posted so you can see my logic/reasoning)

      Example for conv orders offset expression -- granted this is not the true syntax, merely a description of the logic involved.


      if both parts and mods are selected (or no selection specified) ----> offset the mods stack by the total backlog, and offset the parts stack by total backlog + mods conv orders


      if only parts selected ---> offset by backlog(parts)

      if only mods selected ---> offset by backlog(mods)