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    display rows with max date only for details

    Ananya Kushary


      This might seem a common problem and many times answered but i am stuck and would appreciate any help.


      I need to load all rows from the database into the Qlik sense app.

      There are multiple dimensions and i have a list chart in the last page of the dashboard.

      This list should include all dimensions and the measure value of the last updated record (max Approval_Date)for each ID only,


      I created a new measure using:



      I have included this in the list, and added all the other dimensions as well.

      But as my output i now have the following:

      ID   Name     Start_Date     Approval Date    Status             Approver     USD

      1     ABC      10/11/2016      10/12/2016       Approved         Tom               0

      1     ABC       10/11/2016      10/25/2016      Approved          Tom             0

      1     ABC      10/11/2016       10/26/2016      Approved           Bill             2500

      2     XYZ       12/11/2016       12/25/2016       Rejected         Sheila           0

      2     XYZ        12/11/2016      1/25/2017        In progress      Josh             5000

      How can i remove the 0 rows to get my esired result.