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    Show mashup in a external server in a custom url

    Jorge Nova

      Hi everyone, thank you very much for all the material that is shared here.

      This time I bring a doubt that has surpassed me in knowledge.

      We want to show a sense mashup in a custom url, but we do not know how to configure the .js file to connect to the server's engine.


      Eg: www.custom.url / clienturl


      Some background:

      IP Server: http://52.38.XXX.XXX (Sense server, not secure)


      According to this, how should my javascript be configured?


      var config = {

      Host: window.location.hostname,

      Prefix: prefix,

      Port: window.location.port,

      IsSecure: window.location.protocol === "https:"



      Captura de pantalla 2017-06-01 a la(s) 15.15.41.png


      I appreciate your time and I will be very attentive in case anyone can help me.