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    Reload time doubled all of a sudden

    Luca Cavallari

      Hello everyone,

      a client started experiencing very slow reload times all of a sudden.

      They have a QVW that reloads every hour, average time was 25 minutes, it has been like that for years.

      Less than a month ago the reload time startet to range from 55mins to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

      Nothing changed in the script and the amount of data is almost the same as before.

      I have checked and it seems like it's working way way slow on group by clause now, even very simple ones. It takes about 10 minutes to calculate

      Left join (TAB) load


        Min(Left(right(CDC,5),4)) as [MINYEAR]

      Resident TAB

      Group by KEY;

      on a table with less than 1M records.

      what could it be?

      The only thing the client told me is that they have added a new server on their VMWare environment, but all the machines should be balanced. We have made all the windows and VMWare drivers update on the machine just to make sure everything is up to date.

      No other changes have been made to the environment.

      Qlikview 11.20 SR4 is installed on a Windows Server 2008 SR2