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    How to setup a REST connection from Qlik Sense to Eurostat REST API

    Jean-Francois Dierckx

      I would like to use the Qlik Sense Rest connector to connect to the Eurostat REST API :



      However, when I try to use it in Qlik Sense, I get the following error message when testing the connection : HTTP protocol error 502 (Bad Gateway) - Your request has been denied for security reasons


      Any idea why this is, and how to make it work ?


      The query URL I'm trying is the following : http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/wdds/rest/data/v2.1/json/en/hlth_ehis_sk1e?sex=F&sex=M&sex=T&precision=1&geo=EU28&unit=PC&time=2014&isced11=ED0-2&smoking=NSM&smoking=SM_CUR&smoking=SM_DAY&smoking=SM_OCC&age=TOTAL


      (you can build REST API queries at Eurostat here :Query builder - Eurostat)


      I'm using version 3.2.4 of Qlik Sense Desktop.