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    Issue on Pivot and Selection

    Marco B

      I have the following on a pivot table:


      Rows: PaidDate.Calendar.YearMonth

      Measure: PercPaid: COUNT(OrderId) / COUNT(ALL <[PaidDate.Calendar.YearMonth]> OrderId)

      Column: Manufacturer


      The issue I am having is:


      If I SELECT only a particular Manufacturer on the pivot table, all other manufacturers are not removed from COLUMNS, and all the Measure values are change to Zero, except for the one I have selected.



      What I would like to see is the only manufacturer(s) shown on COLUMNS to be the one(s) I've selected. I believe the all "ALL" modifier is doing this, but I don;t know a way to force to only show the manufacturer I selected without affecting the expression total on the Pivot Measure.


      Thank you.