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    Qlik web connector 2.2 Installable

    Nagaraj Manne

      Hello All,

      I am a newbie to Qlik sense, I am exploring on google sheet integration with Qlik Sense. So far I have use Qlik Web Connector 2.1 and it worked like a charm. It stopped working for 1st June 2017 reason being 2.1 was deprecated. When I search for 2.2.zip version I am not able to find, I have gone through the documentation Installing Qlik Web Connectors ‒ Qlik Connectors

      To my surprise, I couldn't find connector tab. Below is the screen for your reference.QlikWebconnector.JPG

      Annoying part is the link which is part of the Qlik Web Connector 2.2 release notes is not present over web


      Info/Version-2-2.htm>> kicked out with Page not found error.


      If there anything that I am missing? Can anyone help me with the QlikWebConnector2.2.x.zip. Please let me know if information is required