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    Need an expression for language selection

    Emanuel Zeilinger

      Hey Folks,


      i need some help for a table chart expression.

      Depending on the selected value from field "LangSelect" in table "TableLangSelect" I would like to show the correct language text from a table.



      When I select "EN" I would like to see in the field "LangText1" only "Screw" and "Nail" and of course the corresponding IDNR1.

      How can I achieve this in an expression?


              LangText1,  Lang1,  IDNR1
              'Schraube', 'DE',   12345
              'Screw',    'EN',   12345
              'Nagel',    'DE',   56789
              'Nail',     'EN',   56789
              LangText2,  Lang2,  IDNR2
              'Auto',     'DE',   22233
              'Car',      'EN',   22233
              'LKW',      'DE',   44455
              'Truck',    'EN',   66677


      My approach was something like this:

      Aggr(Only({1<LangSelect = {$(Lang1)} >} LangText1 ), LangText1)


      but unfortunately it doesn't work.