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    Load only the first value found in excel sheet

    Facundo Espa

      Hello everyone, I am having an issue which I cannot solve.


      I have several excel files, one for each month, where each line is a transaction. Sometimes the transactions in one file( from a certain month)  are also in the next file ( for a following month). This means that in two different files the data for a certain transaction ID is duplicated. When I load this files into qlikview I want it to pull only unique transaction ids with its data. Right now, the transaction ID is unique but the fields for revenue show a value double ( or triple if the transaction happens to appear in three different files) and this is a big problems as I am seeing more revenue and more cost than there actually is.


      Is there a way to make qlikview load only the value which appears first and ignore the data when that transaction ID appears again in another file?


      Thank you