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    Instructions on the QMC

    James Hanify



      I had a server hang, which needed a hard reboot, i lost all the licence information and the settings. I have since managed to get my licence data and it is now licenced.


      However, it doesn't seem to be reloading, i presume this must be because I have not configured it properly on the QMC, as it loads fine when i do it manually.


      Can you please point me in the direction of a) how to fix this problem and b) any instructions for best practice


      It is set up with Qlikview 11 server with active directory linked user licences.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



        • Re: Instructions on the QMC
          Vishwarath Nagaraju

          What you mean not reloading. Did you create the tasks for those qvw files? What do you see in the Status - Tasks tab? Can you see any folders in Documents - Source Documents tab where you have the loaded QVW files from your server?

            • Re: Instructions on the QMC
              James Hanify

              They are there now, though it wasn't originally after this hard reset. Its failing on reload on the QMC, just errors within 16 seconds, i am half tempted to think it might not be logged in properly? or does it go by the service's login details?


              The exact same one used to work (though did often randomly fail once or twice) and works when reloading on qlikview application.


              What is also odd is that the scheduled versions of it to run daily at 7am worked but the user initiated, doesn't? I don't understand this...