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    Sorting by Expression Question

    Joe Gorman

      I am trying to create a table (or chart) that sorts customers based on the net difference in sales between this year and last year. Ideally, I would like to see the top 10 customers (the highest net increase) and the bottom 10 customers (the lowest net decrease), this year to last year. The purpose of this table is to show the high movers and the low movers. I want to limit the visibility to top 10 and bottom 10 because the customer list is too large to show them all.


      The dimensions I am using are:

      Customer Name

      Year (where I would only need to select the current year and last year)


      Therefore, the "y-values" I will have for my chart/table would be:

      1) Customer Name - 2016 Sales

      2) Customer Name - 2017 Sales

      3) Customer Name - Net difference between the #2 and #1 (could be positive or negative)


      Any ideas on how I can I can do this?


      Here is a screen shot of where I am at with my chart showing the top 10. As you can see, Qlikview is still sorting by the 2016 and 2017 total sales, and not the Net Difference.


      Thank you