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    Qlik Sense; Cross Table with multiple attributes.

    Neale Forth

      Hi QS Community,


      I am trying to create a cross table from the following data so I can build an area graph.


      Table Header: CRM#, StrikeRate, 2017-Q1, 2017-Q2, 2017-Q3, 2017-Q4, etc

      Example data: 3333,  StrikeRate1, 1,2,3,4


      I need data to look like this ;


      3333, StrikeRate1, 2017-Q1, 1

      3333, StrikeRate1, 2017-Q2, 2

      3333, StrikeRate1, 2017-Q3, 3

      3333, StrikeRate1, 2017-Q4, 4


      I can't seem to be able to use the crosstable function with more than one attribute. Is this possible ?