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    Dinamic selection in bookmarks (no date)

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hello! I need to create bookmark in Qlik Sense, that select, for example, all companies with DimA>=30. If i'm using '>=30' in serach sting of field, Qlik Sense selecting existing values in this range. For example, 31, 32, 34. So, if I save this selection to bookmark and tomorow one of my companies will have DimA=33, bookmark dont select it.


      Any way to achieve dynamic selection bookmarks in qlik sense? may be with extensions?


      P.s. Creating additional fields in load script not an option. Using variables also not an option.

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          Andy Weir

          You need to create a flag to achieve this via a bookmark.  The bookmark saves the selection not the method of selection so you need to use one of the approaches you dont want to use.


          If you are specific in your use then you could use an extension like Qsvariable to achieve a dymanic selection of specific charts.


          like below I have league tables, graphs set by multiple measures.  Default Top 10 but using a slider the user can decide the scope of their visibility


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              Evgeny Stuchalkin

              Thanks to reply, but variant with with variables will not work in my situation, because my app used by multiple users. And when one of them change variable, all others also will see it.

              But, i'm find my own solution:


              Create additional table with full set of possible values of target dimension. Now, we can save bookmark, that include all values in custom range inside it.


              Downsides: 1) additional tables 2) you must predifine range between fixed values, becaues if you take range from min/max in fact table (from -10 to 10, for example), save selection in bookmark like '<=0', it will take values, that exists only in current state. So, if you get on next load minimal values from fact below -10 (-15, for example), this wiil not appears in saved bookmark.