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    QDS Task grouped by Publisher Cluster still on Queued

    Marcos Herrera

      Hi Dear Qlik Community


      I have an installation with a cluster with the following specs:

      Server 1: QVS, QMC and QDS (Node1)

      Server 2: QDS (Node2)

      Server 3: QVWS


      I want run some task only on Node1, and others on any node, for achieve this requirement I created groups on DefinitionGroups.xml file, restart the three machines and set group on the task, when I run the task, the grouped task to run only on Node 1, the status always still on Queued


      All services are running well on each server,


      The services are running with the same account on each node and has the following specs:

      • Are included on local administrators group
      • Is a domain Account
      • Are included on QlikView Administrators group
      • Are included on Local Policies – User Right assignment – Log on as a Service


      See the distribution file (DistributionGroupDefinition.xml attached file)