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    Calculating the size of each subfolders/files and mapping the back to parent folder.

    Jake Parker

      Hi All,

      Hope everyone in this community are doing good !

      I have recently started learning and coding in Qlikview and am currently stuck up with a problem in my code which is not providing me accurate results.I would be really glad if anyone could depict/correct my mistake in the script and direct me to the right path.


      The requirement is when a current parent folder [C:\ or any path] is passed it should show me the sizes of the first 'n' highest disk utilizing folders.Below is a sample illustration:


      Parent FolderFirst Level SubfoldersSizeC:\FolderA60


      Attached is the script which I have coded to get the results but when the folder levels go deeper, I get wrong results.

      Note: I also need to maintain the folder hierarchy.


      Attached is the pivot table which I have to generate.Also please let me know how to remove the highlighted columns from the Pivot table and to display only the Parent folder and its highest size occupying  Level1 child folders along with there sizes.


      A quick response would be much appreciated.

      Thanks a lot !