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    Use Columns as filter in Qlik Sense

    Gabriel Maya Pinheiro



      I have a Excel database with several columns standing for KPIs.

      I'd like to use each column as a filter for graphic. For example: when I pick the column I want the matching graphic appears.


      Is it possible to do it ?


      Thanks in advance !

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          Taj Mohamed

          what is the graphic here, whether it is image

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            Rohit Kumar

            HI Gabriel,


            What you are looking , we call it bundling images with apps. Please go through these tickets,it will guide you how to do it.


            Load images into Script

            Qlik Sense - Bundling Images with Apps


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              omar bensalem

              I kind of get what you're trying to do, correct me if I'm wrong;


              You have some Kpi columns (fields in Qlik)

              Example: Sales, Margin and let's say, Budget


              What you want is having a filter containing 3 values : margin, sales, budget.

              when you click on budget, you have your chart showing sum(Budget) by dimension;

              when you click on sales, you have your chart showing sum(Sales) by dimension and so on ; right?


              If that the way it is; what you should do is creating an inline table containing the margin, sales, budget. values:


              Load * inline [

              KpiID, Kpi

              1, margin

              2, sales

              3, budget



              Now you choose this new Kpi field as a filter in your sheet.

              And in your chart(s); change the measure as :

              sum(Pick(KpiID,Margin ,Sales,Budget))


              with that, depends on the selection you make, you'll have the chosen measure appearing in your chart.

              You can even add an information on the title of the chart to specifiy which KPI you're working with:

              =Kpi&' by dimension'


              Hope this helps