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    Can I filter a measure on a line chart "sum value1 where value2 != [selected value2 in filter pane]"

    John Consorti



      I was wondering if it were possible to have a filter pane and line chart on the same sheet.  When a value is selected in the filter pane I want the measure in my line chart to sum a total some column in my DB where a value does NOT EQUAL the value from the selected filter pane.  I am using #1 below to get a total count of story points based off of the selection in the filter pane (sprint) right now so I would like something like #2 below.


      1.  Sum({$<project={'Project_NAME'}>}story_points)


      2.  Sum({$<project={'Project_NAME'}>   AND sprint != [Selected sprint from filter pane]      }story_points)



      I hope this makes sense and any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you.