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    Format of Buttons to change as Climber

    Pratik Jain

      I have used an extension Qlik Navigation and extension and create 12 buttons labeled as "Jan". "Feb", "Mar" and so on

      Now, my client want the layout of this buttons as presented in Climber extension.


      Is there a way, where i can convert this sheet navigation extension to Climber extension.


      Why i used sheet navigation and extension


      My Expression to calculate the data


      max(min(currentdate, lastdate of selected period) - (max(budget effective date, first date of selected period)-1),0)*(budgeted manpower count)


      Here, if you can see, i am passing a field called "last date of selected period " and "first date of selected period" i.e. whichever month you select first date and last date of that month will pass in expression.


      Looking forward for your reverts.